Get to know us

Poptop Treats was born out of a love for our Frenchie Pank and her favorite treats. We always wanted to have her treats with us on our hikes and walks, but traditional plastic bags would often get wet and make the treats mushy. This led us to come up with a solution to keep the treats dry and also make a pop sound that would grab Pank's attention. Now, Pank knows that when she hears the pop, it's time to stop, sit, and enjoy her Poptop Treats. Our love for Pank and our desire to give her the best treats have led us to create Poptop Treats, and we can't wait to share them with other dog lovers!


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Our mission

Pank is eager to share her delicious POPTOP treats with all the dogs in the neighborhood. She believes that every furry friend deserves a tasty snack and she wants to spread joy and happiness to all the loyal companions in the area.

Pank knows that dogs are always excited to receive a special treat, and she loves seeing their tails wagging with delight. With her generous and kind-hearted nature, Pank hopes to build a stronger bond with the canine community and show her love and appreciation for all the furry friends around her.

Thank you and see you on the trails-Merle & Pank